04.10.2019 – Killekill X Edge Detection X Warning


Samuel Kerridge
Cosmic Force (live)
DJ Flush b2b Purita D.
Golden Medusa

Silo hosted by Edge Detection:
Crystal distortioN (live)
Miran N
Bad News

Wintergarten Afterhour hosted by Warning:
special guest
Marie Montexier
Philipp Otterbach
Mars Leder

Killekill joins forces with 2 rowdy crews to kick off your weekend with another diverse and freaky night from their stalls.

Next to the Killekill residents and Golden Medusa we have Downwards‘ experimental techno legend SAMUEL KERRIDGE and managed to invite DAVID VUNK. He played the dj set that shook us like no other recently. We can’t fucking wait!!
Then there is Dutch electro legend COSMIC FORCE, another act we have been wanting to invite for ages. He proved he knows how to rock a dance floor at Dekmantel recently and he will most definitely rock Griessmuehle with his electro beats and vocals, too.

EDGE DETECTION who will host Silo floor are bringing their residents plus a funny bunch of locals from a warehouse rave scene which is on the rise in Berlin. As a special guest they are bringing 90s legend CRYSTAL DISTORTION, known for his devastatingly hard and fast live sets at for Spiral Tribe back then.

The after hour will be hosted by WARNING, definitely one of the most interesting crews in Berlin at the moment. Their raves at ://About.Blank are renowned for their boundlessness and musical diversity. For this occasion here they are bringing some of their residents plus a very special guest, who can’t be announced yet. Stay tuned!

David Vunk dj mix: https://bit.ly/2lVfMRp
Cosmic Force live at Dekmantel: https://bit.ly/2kNsxxd
Spiral Tribe at Brno: https://bit.ly/2lSx160