19.01.2020 – Edge Detection x Acid Rave

🐉🐉🐉trance techno acid house rave techno trance acid🐉🐉🐉

Like a dragon from the eastern morning sun we rise for another daytime high action with our friends from Acid Rave.
Expect our residents Miran N, TillTheEnd and aitch to supply you with the full force of dance floor stompers. This time invited as our guests are lovely Anna Adams from Uncanny Valley / objekt klein a and FlexibleHeart, part of the feminist party collective ProZecco.
Come and catch us having drinks while playing the best danceable daytime rave sound. Sunday is Funday!

Anna Adams (Uncanny Valley, objekt klein a)
FlexibleHeart (ProZecco)
Tilltheend (Acid Rave)
Miran N (Edge Detection, SURD)
aitch (Edge Detection, PAL)

Artwork by Kimberly Madox