22.09.2018 – Edge Detection with CJ Bolland

[PALEdge Detection
CJ Bolland (R&S Records/Belgium)
Charly Schaller (Edge Detection)
Bad News (Edge Detection)

Cindy Looper (tccc, Golden Pudel)
aitch (Edge DetectionPAL)

Edge Detection stands for a visual and auditory experience that is supposed to make you lose it like the ravers you know from the crazy Youtube videos of the 90s. But please leave your laddy attitudes at home. We hope that our party allows you to forget about your status quo torments for a while and rave like you would do at home unobserved when listening to your favorite track.
For this, we are looking for those particular ways of understanding Rave Culture, which instantiate a discontinuity in the mash of all these tedious and musically uncreative events where pick up games and disrespectful behavior are tolerated.

We are looking for an edge in modern electronic dance music.

* if you feel harassed or discriminated or see other who are, please let us know. We want to create an environment where everyone feels fine and safe no matter your origin, sexuality, gender or skin color.

* no pictures, no videos

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