10.10.2020 – [PAL] SECRET SESSIONS – Edge Detection

unter freiem Himmel, mit unseren Residents und Gästen in limitierter Publikumszahl als [PAL] auf dem Dockville Gelände, geht weiter am Samstag mit der Edge Detection Crew und Gästen.


Miran N (Edge Detection, SURD)


HACKSTER aka aitch (Edge DetectionPAL)

Charly Schaller (Edge DetectionLevel Delta)


🐬 🐬 🐬
»SECRET SESSIONS« ist als stehende Veranstaltung mit zusätzlichen Sitzgelegenheiten unter Einhaltung von Abstandsregeln und Hygienemaßnahmen genehmigt. Das Gelände ist Wetterfest, es gibt zusätzlich zwei überdachte Bereiche.

30.05.2020 – [PAL] TV – 2 YEARS of Edge Detection

>> WATCH on YouTube <<

Philipp Drube (Ismus, Space Trax /Berlin)

Strongrain (Monochrom /Berlin)

Miran N (SURD, Edge Detection /Berlin)

Charly Schaller (Edge Detection, Strictly Forbidden /Berlin)

aitch (PAL, Edge Detection, Action Replay Codes)

Roughly two years ago we started here at PAL with our »Edge Detection« rave series and later expanded to Berlin’s about:blank. We now call these two clubs our home.

We need to keep these spaces alive!

Therefore we celebrate our first part of 2 YRS on PAL TV to support PAL’s campaign and raise attention!

28.02.2020 – Planets: Edge Detection X Sachsentrance X Spatial Tactics

Die Planets Reihe stellt euch den Mensch Meier Kosmos vor .
3 Crews at a time.

1st Edition:
Edge Detection
Spatial Tactics

Ein bisschen bunt, bewusstseinserweiternd und auch laut, wie in den 90ern eben. Erinnert ihr euch? Wir uns nicht!
Um der aussetzenden Erinnerung entgegenzuwirken, gibt es Smash-Hits aus dem Jahrzehnt der Trillerpfeifen und Warnwesten von Sachsentrance.
Als progressives Gegenprogramm feiern die Neuzonis von Edge Detection eine bunte Abfahrt durch Techno, Hardtrance und Acid.
Endlich eine erfolgreiche Fluchtmöglichkeit aus der rational-befreiten Zone.
Abgeschlossen wird das ganze durch das underground Kollektiv von Spatial Tactics und ihren Gästen, mit Ghetto-Electro Sound für die coolen Kids von gestern und heute!

😲 Puneh aka 1/2 POWER SUFF GIRLS, ILL / Zur Klappe

😲 Raverpik, Sachsentrance/ Klub Animadiso

😲 The Jakob Sisterz, Sachsentrance/ zur Klappe

😲 Dj Notar, Klub Animadisco

😲 aitch, Edge Detection

😲 Dj Bad News, Edge Detection

😲 Charly Schaller, Edge Detection/ Level Delta

😲 Miran N., Edge Detection/ SURD

😲 Cyan85, Voitax B2B Turk Turkelton, Philtrax, https://soundcloud.com/cyan85, https://soundcloud.com/user-552360045

😲 Paco Pack, FTP, https://soundcloud.com/p-pack

😲 SODA KIDS, Bake Le Cake, https://soundcloud.com/sodakids

😲 Tilltheend, Acid Rave, https://soundcloud.com/illtheend

😲 Lenny Fuck, Spatial Tactics

Artwork by Kimberly Madox


19.01.2020 – Edge Detection x Acid Rave

🐉🐉🐉trance techno acid house rave techno trance acid🐉🐉🐉

Like a dragon from the eastern morning sun we rise for another daytime high action with our friends from Acid Rave.
Expect our residents Miran N, TillTheEnd and aitch to supply you with the full force of dance floor stompers. This time invited as our guests are lovely Anna Adams from Uncanny Valley / objekt klein a and FlexibleHeart, part of the feminist party collective ProZecco.
Come and catch us having drinks while playing the best danceable daytime rave sound. Sunday is Funday!

Anna Adams (Uncanny Valley, objekt klein a)
FlexibleHeart (ProZecco)
Tilltheend (Acid Rave)
Miran N (Edge Detection, SURD)
aitch (Edge Detection, PAL)

Artwork by Kimberly Madox


14.12.2019 – Edge Detection X Ved Siden Af

[PAL] Edge Detection
Viscerale (Ved Siden Af)
Neri J (Ved Siden Af)
Miran N (Edge Detection, SURD)
aitch (Edge Detection, PAL)

Rave ready?

This time we have the pleasure to introduce you to two uprising »Ved SidenAf« residents. The Ved Siden Af is Copenhagen’s finest Techno Club, so don’t miss this opportunity to listen to Copenhagen’s sound.

Artwork by Kimberly Madox

* If you feel harassed/discriminated against or see others who are please let us know. We want to create an environment in which everyone feels comfortable and safe, no matter their origin, sexual orientation, gender or skin color.

* no pictures, no videos


04.10.2019 – Killekill X Edge Detection X Warning


Samuel Kerridge
Cosmic Force (live)
DJ Flush b2b Purita D.
Golden Medusa

Silo hosted by Edge Detection:
Crystal distortioN (live)
Miran N
Bad News

Wintergarten Afterhour hosted by Warning:
special guest
Marie Montexier
Philipp Otterbach
Mars Leder

Killekill joins forces with 2 rowdy crews to kick off your weekend with another diverse and freaky night from their stalls.

Next to the Killekill residents and Golden Medusa we have Downwards‘ experimental techno legend SAMUEL KERRIDGE and managed to invite DAVID VUNK. He played the dj set that shook us like no other recently. We can’t fucking wait!!
Then there is Dutch electro legend COSMIC FORCE, another act we have been wanting to invite for ages. He proved he knows how to rock a dance floor at Dekmantel recently and he will most definitely rock Griessmuehle with his electro beats and vocals, too.

EDGE DETECTION who will host Silo floor are bringing their residents plus a funny bunch of locals from a warehouse rave scene which is on the rise in Berlin. As a special guest they are bringing 90s legend CRYSTAL DISTORTION, known for his devastatingly hard and fast live sets at for Spiral Tribe back then.

The after hour will be hosted by WARNING, definitely one of the most interesting crews in Berlin at the moment. Their raves at ://About.Blank are renowned for their boundlessness and musical diversity. For this occasion here they are bringing some of their residents plus a very special guest, who can’t be announced yet. Stay tuned!

David Vunk dj mix: https://bit.ly/2lVfMRp
Cosmic Force live at Dekmantel: https://bit.ly/2kNsxxd
Spiral Tribe at Brno: https://bit.ly/2lSx160

21.09.2019 – Edge Detection X Ismus X Acid Rave


[PAL] | 12hrs
Alva (Ismus)
SODA KIDS – live (Acid Rave, BAKE LE CAKE)
Philipp Drube (Ismus, Space Trax)
Tilltheend (Acid Rave, SiCk CrEw)
Miran N (Edge Detection, SURD)
aitch (Edge Detection, PAL, Action Replay Codes)
Charly Schaller (Edge Detection, Strictly Forbidden, Level Delta)
Trance 4 Friends aka Bad News (Edge Detection, love techno – hate germany)


The next installment of Edge Detection features two crews with the same vision of rave experience:

The Berlin based Ismus collective pushing their passion for fast-paced rave music through their events at Griessmühle, a label as well as a podcast series.

Acid Rave is a crew from Leipzig, hosting regular events at Institut Für Zukunft with a focus on acid influenced oldschoolsounds.

It’s all about ecstasy and energy.

Artwork by Kimberly Madox

* If you feel harassed/discriminated against or see others who are please let us know. We want to create an environment in which everyone feels comfortable and safe, no matter their origin, sexual orientation, gender or skin color.

* no pictures, no videos

07.07.2019 – Edge Detection – Sunday Super Trance Special

Edge Detection Trance Special im Blank Garten
12 – 22 Uhr

Neri J (Another Name / TRTLNCK Cph / Vortex Cph)
Special Guest
Aoife (Universe of Tang)
Miran N (Edge Detection / SURD)
Trance 4 Friends (Edge Detection)

Als das Ganze noch die Viertel war. Als das dritte Auge noch doppelt sah und Special Guests noch eine bessere Welt versprachen. Als wir zum ersten Mal den letzten Zug nach Trancestation nahmen, in Peace kamen und in Pieces wieder gingen, in verschwitzten Shirts auf Ibiza krumme Dinger drehten, uns den Mund verfusselten, fast Regierungen stürzten. Als Future noch für Sonntag stand. Freunde. Trance. Sonne. Sowas halt. My time machine is ready now. Who’s coming?


Back when the whole pill was still just a fourth. When the third eye saw double and special guests promised a better world. When we first took the last train to Trancestation, came to peace and went back in pieces. Pulling fast ones on Ibiza in sweaty shirts, almost collapsing whole governments.
FUTURE still stood for SUNDAY, back then.Friends. Trance. Sun. Stuff like that. My time machine is ready now. Who’s coming?


Artwork by Kimberly Madox

FB | RA | SC

27.04.2019 – Edge Detection with AnD

[PAL] Edge Detection
AnD (Inner Surface Music, Electric Deluxe /Manchester)
aitch (Edge Detection, PAL)
Bad News b2b Miran Nolden (Edge Detection /Berlin)

+ special laser installation

This time the Edge Detectives have invited nobody less than the UK hard hitting Techno Export: AnD.
The two maintain strong analogue production ethics and showcase this with each of their live or DJ sets.
Besides releases on Inner Surface Music and Electric Deluxe in the past years, they started their own record label also called AnD.

Support by our three residents aitch, Bad News and our new addition Miran N. who will join Bad News for a hands up Techno and Trance closing you don’t want to miss.

And for those who need more than this line up par excellence we will hook up a laser installation for an even more nineties rave vibe on the dancefloor.

It’s all about ecstasy and energy.

* If you feel harassed/discriminated against or see others who are please let us know. We want to create an environment in which everyone feels comfortable and safe no matter their origin, sexual orientation, gender or skin color.

* no pictures, no videos


30.03.2019 – Edge Detection X Sachsentrance w/ Thomas P Heckmann, Hard Ton, Minimum Syndicat


Drax aka Thomas P. Heckmann (OFFICIAL) (AFU Limited / Monnom Black / A+W)
Hard Ton [live] (Luv Shack / Venice)
MINIMUM SYNDICAT [live] (Rave or Die / Minimum Syndicat)
Wawashi Deejay (Luv Shack /Hard Ton)
Marie Lung (POSSY / ILL)
Monsoon Traxx (vir.go)
Miran Nolden (Surd,Edge Detection)
The Jacob Sisters (Sachsentrance)
Raverpik (Sachsentrance)
Charly Schaller (Edge Detection)
aitch (Edge Detection, PAL)
Trance 4 Friends aka Bad News (Edge Detection)

Support us on RA: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1231614

Edge Detection x Sachsentrance – Sachsen ist sowieso nicht mehr zu retten, besser, es in einen State of Trance zu verwandeln (für alle die nur russisch in der Schule hatten: in einen Trancezustand zu versetzen). Ein bisschen bunt, bewusstseinserweiternd laut, wie in den 90ern eben. Erinnert ihr euch? Wir uns auch nicht!
Um der aussetzenden Erinnerung entgegenzuwirken spielt Thomas P. Heckmann aka Drax ein paar seiner Smash-Hits aus dem Jahrzehnt der Trillerpfeifen und Warnwesten. Als progressives Gegenprogramm feiern die Neuzonis von Edge Detection den internationalen Tag der 303 mit Acid House und Acid Techno und die Exilsachsen von Sachsentrance genießen ihre erfolgreiche Flucht aus der rational-befreiten Zone.

Edge Detection x Sachsentrance- Saxonia can anyway not be rescued anymore- it’s better to convert it into a state of Trance: It should be a little colourful, loud and extend your consciousness- just like parties in the 90s used to be. Can you remember? We cannot either! In order to counteract the lacking memories, Thomas P. Heckmann aka Drax is going to play a couple of his smash hits from the decade of whistles and warning vests. As a progressive counter-program, the Edge Detection westerners celebrate the international day of the 303 with acts like Hard Ton and Minimum Syndicat.

Artwork by Kimberly Madox